What are suggested tags?

When you start using Exist, we’ll suggest some tags to help you get started and give you an idea of what kind of things you might want to track with tags. Although these tags look similar to your own tags, they’re not actually part of your Exist account. If you choose to use a suggested tag, a tag with that name will be created in your Exist account, just like when you type in a name for a new tag. If you don’t use any suggested tags, they’ll never be created in your account.

When you have enough tags of your own, the suggested tags will stop being displayed. (The number may change in future but right now you need more than 6 tags for the suggestions to disappear.)

In Exist for Android, you can choose to always hide suggested tags, even if you have fewer than 6 of your own tags. Or you can choose to always show suggested tags, even if you have more than 6 tags. These settings are only available on Android for now.