Why don't you integrate with my favourite service?

The most common reason we haven't integrated a service you're looking for is because that service doesn't offer a public API, so we have no way to access your data and sync it to your Exist account. Developers often don't bother to do the work to give you access to your data to do with it as you please, and this is especially true for services that consist of just a mobile app.

Another common reason we can't integrate with services is that some of the most popular services only allow approved companies to use their APIs. One example is MyFitnessPal. We've applied multiple times for API access and haven't been accepted.

Sometimes there are workarounds. For example, if you use Apple Health or Fitbit, you can sync your MyFitnessPal data to one of those services to get your food data into Exist.

Finally, we have limited time and resources! We prioritise the most popular services. Even if your favourite app would make a viable integration, perhaps it isn't popular enough on our roadmap. 

You can always check our roadmap for the service you're after, and add your vote or find the reason why isn't possible.