How do I track my own custom attributes?

You can use our custom tags feature. Custom tags are a way of tracking a "boolean", or yes/no value, about your day. For example, these are useful for things like tracking if you took a particular medication, visited a particular place or person, had a particular substance like drinking coffee or alcohol, or experienced particular symptoms. You can add these from our mobile apps or the Exist web app.

You can also use manual tracking to track numeric data in our mobile apps. Manual tracking lets you choose a template or define your own custom attribute. You can choose from the following value types:

  • quantity (e.g. 2 coffees)
  • decimal (e.g. 13.5 kgs)
  • duration (e.g. 02:15 time in meetings)
  • percentage (e.g. 65% daily habits completed)
  • scale from 1-9 (e.g. 4/9 stress level)
  • time of day (e.g. 2:45 pm last had caffeine)