Why is my sleep data incorrect?

This is usually due to confusion about the source of your sleep data. Exist will only sync data from one sleep source per day. If you have multiple sources syncing sleep into Apple Health for the same day, for example AutoSleep plus the built-in sleep tracking, Exist will use data from the first source it finds and ignore any other sources. Make sure you only have a single source syncing sleep data into Apple Health to ensure your data matches what you expect.

The only exception to this rule is that Exist will always prefer to sync data from a third-party source if it's available, even if you have also used the built-in sleep tracking launched in iOS 14.

Exist will also specifically ignore any sleep data from the built-in Clock app, which only provides time in bed data, and is therefore not accurate enough for our analysis. If you're using the Clock app, switch to another app for tracking your sleep if you'd like to sync it to Exist.